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You can copy a survey from your account easily.  This is a great practice if you have a particular design you've created that you'd like to use as a template for another project since you can modify the copied design if you need to make it more specific.

Additionally, you're able to send a copy of your survey design to other accounts provided that the receiving account is paid.


Copying a survey within your account

  1. Click Create Survey from the top right-hand corner of your account.
  2. Choose Copy an existing survey, pick the survey you'd like to copy, and enter a name and nickname (only you see the nickname) to differentiate it in your account. NOTE: BASIC users cannot copy a survey with more than 10 questions.
  3. Click Continue.  If applicable, make edits and then send the survey out to your respondents.
A few notes: it's not possible to copy pages or questions from other surveys; just the whole survey design can be copied.  A best practice if you need to combine survey templates would be to copy the text of the questions over one by one; or to recreate sections from scratch. 

Transferring a copy of a survey from a different account

To send a copy of a survey to a different account, the receiving account needs to be paid. You'll also need to know the exact username on the account that you'd like to receive the copy.  Additionally you can transfer (not copy) the entire survey to another account with the responses and collectors you've created.

Here's how:
  1. Navigate to the My Surveys tab (from the header on your account).
  2. In the Actions column, click Transfer corresponding to the survey you'd like to copy or move. Enter the exact username of the receiving paid account, and:
    • Click Transfer Copy of Questions Only to move a copy of the survey (but not the responses or collectors).
    • Click Transfer Entire Survey to move the survey, responses, and collectors.  There is no way to copy the entire survey, only to move it.

Copying a survey will create a duplicate version of the survey in your account.

To copy a survey:

  1. Click + Create Survey in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Choose Edit a Copy of an Existing Survey.
  3. Choose the survey you'd like to copy from the menu.
  4. Enter a title for the copy of the survey.
  5. To review the survey you're about to copy, use the left and right arrow buttons to page through the questions or click Preview to preview the survey design in full.
  6. Click Let's Go! to continue on to edit the copy of the design.
  • Themes, logos, logic, and other survey design settings will carry over to the copied version of the survey.
  • Free BASIC users cannot copy surveys that contain more than 10 questions.

If you need to copy or transfer a survey into another user's account, click here: Transferring Surveys Between Accounts