SPSS Exports

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a popular computer program used for statistical analysis. It's widely used in research areas such as health, government, and education.

We have export examples available if you want to see how the SPSS export looks before downloading. To export survey results in SPSS format, you need a GOLD plan or higher.

All Responses Data

SPSS exports are only available for the All Responses Data export type. All Responses Data exports organize survey responses by respondent. The export includes SAV file. We recommend using SPSS 17.0.1 and onwards to open the file.

The following information will help you get started analyzing in your SPSS program:

Variable View vs. Data View
  • The Variable View defines each question and answer choices.
  • The Data View is a spreadsheet-style view with all the responses.
  • Questions are labeled as q0001, q0002, q0003, and so on. You can edit these labels in the cells of the Variable View, which updates the column headers of the Data View.
  • Answer choices are assigned both a numeric value and a variable label name. Use the Variable View to reference the values and names. In the Data View, click View > Value Labels in the toolbar to show the variable label names instead of the numeric values.
Measure & Question Types


Measure is determined from the question type.

  • Scale = Rating and Numerical Textbox questions
  • Nominal = all other question types

Multiple Choice

SPSS assigns a numeric value to answer choices, which you can reference in the Variable View. If multiple answers are allowed, the data will be separated into multiple columns in the Data View since multiple answers cannot exist in one cell.

Rating and Matrix Questions

The data is separated into multiple columns (as many columns as you have in your question).

SPSS assigns the numeric value by the weighted value, which is not necessarily how you have the answer choices ordered in the survey. This means column one is whatever answer choice was assigned the weight of 1 in the survey, column two is the answer choice with the weight of 2, and so on.

The N/A column is coded as 0. If you assigned the weird of 0 to another answer choice, the cell will show .00 and you'll need to manually fix this.

Skipped Responses

Skipped answers are assigned the value of "." in the Data View. This is defined as a SYSMIS in the export.

Export your survey results to an SAV file to use in SPSS, a popular computer program used for statistical analysis.