How can I bold/enlarge only specific words in the questions?

As a Professional subscriber, you can edit the survey theme properties to alter fonts, colors, and so on. The entire property will then be presented in that manner.

However, if you only want certain parts of the design (e.g. the questions) in bold, italics, underlined, etc., first disable the defaults in the Theme Editor. Next, add HTML code manually into the sections to reflect those style options.


Disable Default Options: 

By default, all questions are bold.

First, click on the Design icon design  to enter into the Edit Survey mode. Second, click the [Create New Theme] button next to the theme drop-down menu. This opens the Theme Editor. Choose the property to edit. (*If you have already created a theme, click the [Edit Theme] to open a saved one.):

  • Click on the Question Heading property to select it.
  • Next uncheck the bold option.
  • Click the [Save Changes] button when finished.

NOTE: Our system accepts basic HTML code during the design process. It is an advanced feature and available to Professional accounts. Knowledge of HTML is necessary as we do not offer additional support in your own coding.

  • To activate this, login to your account and click the [My Account] tab.
  • Under the Preferences section, click the [Edit] button and click [Enable HTML].
  • To turn it off, simply click the [Disable HTML] button.
For additional support in HTML coding, please refer to the following site as we only offer limited support:


A. Bold Only Specific Words:

If you only want certain words in the question in bold (or if you only want certain text to be a specific color, size, etc.), use HTML code around the specific text.

To create this, click the [Edit] button associated with any question. While in the question editor, add the bold HTML tags around the text in the Question textbox.

EXAMPLE - Correct format: <b>This text will be bold</b> 

  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct
  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct<b/>
  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct<b


NOTE - Check all code for correct usage:  When using HTML tags anywhere in the system, please be sure that all coding is clean and correct. If you do not close tags or enter them incorrectly, then this will interfere with the appearance of the questions, answer choices, or total function of the design.

To learn more about using HTML, please view the following topic: Using HTML


B. Edit Fonts or Only Make Certain Words a Specific Size:

To change font sizes, enter the theme editor and pick the property to edit. 

EXAMPLE: You may want to make the Page Description larger:

  • Click on Page Description and the options open. 
  • You will see a drop down menu with HTML font sizes ranging from 1 (smallest) to 5 (largest). If it is currently set to "2", then change it to "3" or higher. 
  • The preview menu in the theme editor will show how it will look. 
  • If you need to edit just individual words within the page description, then use HTML code for font sizes around those words that are to be a specific size.

    NOTE: We do not offer advanced support in specific HTML coding such as font size. You will need to knowledgeable in your own coding.