Formatting Text

When you're designing a survey, you can use the rich text editor in most text fields to change the look of text and add images, videos, or links.

When you're editing question text, click . in the rich text editor to access the full set of formatting options.

If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, click Edit Formatting in the upper right corner of the text field to use the rich text editor. Learn more: Supported Browsers

The following options are available in most text fields:

*Display issues can occur for certain respondents when using Symbol, Webdings, or Wingdings font—depending on what browser and operating system they're using. Learn more: Symbol, Webdings, and Wingdings Font Families

Note that text formatting options in the Survey Title, Page Title, and Page Description fields are limited.

Change the Default Style. To customize the text formatting across your entire survey, create a custom theme.

HTML Formatting

There is no way to add your own HTML formatting in New Design. If you switched from using Classic Design to New Design, any existing HTML formatting will continue to show correctly and your live surveys will not be affected. However, your options for editing questions with existing HTML are limited.

Learn more: Supported HTML

Themes vs. Rich Text Editor

Themes let you apply text formatting across your entire survey. The rich text editor in individual fields lets you edit the text in one place at a time.

When you use the rich text editor in fields where typography formatting (like bold or italics) is applied at the Theme level, those formatting options are pre-selected and automatically applied to all the text you enter in the field. However, you won't see the formatting applied to the text until you save your changes.

You can change the typography settings of your theme to edit the global, survey-wide font settings.

Bold Specific Words in Question Text

Some standard themes have bold question text by default. In this case, you need to change the typography settings of your theme and uncheck Bold under Question Text so you can go back and bold specific words in your question.

You can format text to bold, italicize, underline, hyperlink, or change the font, color, or size of words. Themes bold question text by default—manage this setting in the typography settings of your theme.

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