Can a survey be saved halfway and finished later?

Yes, the system allows respondents to leave the survey and resume it later. However, this functionality is dependent on the settings you create for the collector.

The system saves responses through either a cookie or by the actual survey link. In either case, the [Next] button on a page or the [Done] button at the end of the survey must be clicked to save the page(s) of answers.


Option A. Web Link:

Anonymous responses are returned when using this collector. The system uses a cookie to save the response by page (not by specific question). If a person exits the survey early, then s/he must come back to the same computer and use the same browser in order to pick up and finish.

NOTE: Cookies must be enabled. The cookie placed by us tracks the page where a respondent exited. If the respondent's browser is set to dump cookies each time it is closed, the cookie will be refreshed. A new or blank survey will open every time the survey is accessed.


How do I configure this?

collect Click the Collect icon  to access your saved collectors or to create a new one. Click the [Change Settings] button to configure the following:

arrow   Allow Multiple Responses? Select: No, allow only one response per computer. (*Only this setting allows a person to resume.)

arrow   Allow Responses to be Edited? Choose from the following options:

  • No, once a page in the survey is submitted, respondents cannot go back and change existing responses. 
  • Yes, respondents can go back to previous pages in the survey and update existing responses until the survey is finished or until they have exited the survey. After the survey is finished, the respondent will not be able to re-enter the survey.
  • *Yes, respondents can re-enter at any time to update their response.

*You will want to use this option if you want people to resume a survey or edit it at any time.


What do these Editing Options mean when allowing ONE response?

arrow   NO: Editing is disabled. Respondents can only progress forward.

  • No one can move back to previous pages to edit a response.
  • The [Previous] button is removed from the bottom of the page.
arrow   YES (Option 1): Editing is allowed until completion. Respondents can go back to a previous page while taking the survey or until they are finished.
  • Once the [Done] button is clicked, the respondent cannot re-enter.

arrow   YES (Option 2): Editing is allowed at all times. Respondents can come back at any time to edit or finish an incomplete survey.

  • Permits editing at any time.
  • Don't clear your cookies! The link MUST be accessed on the same browser.


Option B. Email Invitation:

The URL of this collector remembers where the person last clicked the [Next] or [Done] button. It does not use cookies.

EX: Those who receive the invitation can begin the survey from their work computers, leave the survey early, and then re-access the link to finish on a home computer. Or they can simply access the same work computer to finish later.

  • The URL will take the respondent to the last completed page no matter what computer is used!
  • If you want respondents to be able to edit their survey at any time, then make sure to select the “Yes, respondents can re-enter the survey at any time to update their responses" option.

NOTE: The Email Invitation collector allows only ONE response due to the way the tracking system works.


lightbulb Tip! Changing the Collector Settings:

You can change the settings at any time. To do so, click on the collector created under the Collect icon. Choose the [Change Settings] button.

  • Multiple Responses Setting - If the link was initially set to allow multiple responses and you change it to allow only one response, then going forward only new respondents will be able to edit or finish a response later.
  • If respondents are sharing computers, then it will not allow anyone to return. The link must only allow one response for this to work.