Can I set a range or limit on the number of answer choices allowed?

When creating a Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers Allowed), Matrix/Rating, or Open-Ended (Multiple Answers Allowed) question-type, you can configure the Require Answer to Question feature to where the respondent must answer by the following criteria:

  • All
  • At least
  • At most
  • Exactly
  • Range

With this, you can indicate the amount of answer choices allowed by the question.

NOTE: If you apply a limit to the number of answer choice selections, be sure to edit the default error message in the box below the settings. The default error states, "This question requires an answer." Your error message should correspond to how the question has been configured. Respondents will then know what is required of them.



You have a list of 10 items and you want to allow a range between 1 and 3 answer choices to be selected. However, you do not want respondents to move forward to the next page if no answers are selected or if more than three are selected. Apply the Required to Answer feature as the following and choose "a range" option from the drop-down menu, and then type in the range limits:

  • Respondent must answer "a range" from "1" to "3" choices.

You will also want to edit the error notice so your respondents will know what is expected. Here is an example:

 "You have picked more than the allotted answer choice limit. Please restrict your response to at least 1 answer and no more than 3.


lightbulb Considerations for Using the Required to Answer Option:

To learn more tips about using this feature and customizing the error notifications, please view the following topic:

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