Can I export data into an Excel format?

As a Professional (paid) subscriber, survey results can be downloaded into Excel through several different formats:

  1. All Response Collected - Spreadsheet Format or Advanced Spreadsheet format.
  2. All Responses Collected - Actual Choice Text Value
  3. All Responses Collected - Numerical Value (e.g. transform the answer choices into number values)
  4. CSV Summary
  5. Excel Format Summary

All export options are located under the [Analyze] icon analyze  on the My Surveys page. When the Response Summary section opens, click the [Download Responses] button located on the left side of the page.

star Click here for an in depth example of exporting.


arrow All Responses Collected Export

When setting up the data for the entire export:

NOTE: The difference is that the Spreadsheet format allows you to choose between condensed vs expanded formats. The Advanced Spreadsheet will always be expanded, and it also combines row 1 (the questions headers) and row 2 (the answer choice headers) of the "Spreadsheet" format into one row.


arrow Summary Responses:

If you need only a summary of the results, request any of the following:
  • Choose either a CSV file or an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • In addition, there are three non-spreadsheet formats available: a PDF, HTML, or XML format.

star If you would like to read more about compressed files and file types, click here.