Sending Surveys via Email Invitation

The Email Invitation Collector allows you to send customized email invitations for your surveys and track who has responded. You can also schedule follow-up reminder and thank you messages to recipients.

To add an Email Invitation Collector, go to the Collect Responses section of your survey and choose Track Your Survey Respondents.

Follow these steps to send and manage your invitation, or jump straight to: 

  1. Compose Your Message
  2. Choose Collector Options
  3. Schedule Your Invitation
  4. Track Survey Responses
  5. Send Reminders & Thank Yous
View-Only Collectors: Collaborators can view Email Invitation Collectors on surveys shared with them, but they can't edit them.

ê Compose Your Message

Import Contacts

There are multiple ways to add recipients to your message:

  • Type an email address in the Send To field and hit enter.
  • Click Add Recipients to import contacts.
  • Type an existing contact or group from Contacts.

All new email addresses you enter or import are saved in Contacts. To easily add recipients to future email invitations, organize your contacts into groups.

TIP! You can only record one survey response per email address in the collector. Instead of sending an Email Invitation to a Listserv or email alias, create a Web Link to share.

Edit Your Invitation

Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the message preview and choose one of the message formats. You can also copy a previous message.

Please remember, your messages need to include certain required data.

When you're done editing, click Save to preview the message and continue to the next step.

Edits don't save automatically—always click Save before clicking Next or Resume Later. Additionally, you can't toggle message formats. Edits you make in one message format may be overwritten if you change formats.

Resume Later

At any time when composing your message, editing your collector options, or scheduling your message, click Resume Later to save your progress as a draft.

The collector status remains as Draft or Not Configured until you send or schedule at least one message.


ë Choose Collector Options

Sender Email Address

Choose the email address that appears in the From field of your email invitation. Any replies to your emails will also be sent to this address. You have to verify your email address if you have a BASIC plan.

Anonymous Responses

By default, IP addresses and email addresses are stored in survey results. If you added the first name, last name, or other custom data to recipients, this data will also be stored. To stop storing information, make responses anonymous.

Advanced Options

Click Show advanced options to see all collector options.


í Schedule Your Invitation

Send Now

Send the invitation right away. The message will be scheduled for approximately 5 minutes after you click the button.


Choose a date and time to send the invitation to your recipients. You can click the black down arrow to the right of a scheduled message in the Overview tab to unschedule or reschedule the message.

Send a Test Email

Test your message to see how it appears in your email client. The test email address matches the sender email address. The survey link in the test email allows you to preview the survey.


ì Track Survey Responses

View Real-Time Results

Use the Invitations and Responses charts in the Overview tab of the collector to track how many people opened your invitation, clicked through to the survey, or responded to your survey.

You can also view individual responses from the Analyze Results section of your survey. Under the Individual Responses tab, you'll see the email address and response status tied to each individual response.

View Recipients

See a list of all recipients added to the collector and their individual response status from the Recipients tab. Click All messages or All recipients to filter recipients.

It's not possible to edit recipient details from within a collector. All edits to contacts should be made in Contacts.

Export Recipients

From the Recipients tab, click Export All (.CSV) to download a spreadsheet of all the recipients in the collector. The spreadsheet contains the same information you see in the Recipients tab.

You can only export the complete recipient list–if you use the drop-down menus to filter the recipients, the export button is disabled.


î Send Reminders & Thank Yous

View Sent Messages

From your Message History, click the black down arrow to the right of any sent message to view the message or to view the recipients for that message.

Edit Draft Messages

From your Message History, click the black down arrow to the right of any draft or scheduled message to edit the recipient list, edit the message text, or unschedule the message.

When editing a recipient list, you can remove up to 1,000 recipients.

Send More Messages

Use the buttons at the top of your Message History to send more messages.

Invite More

Send more Invitation messages to add new recipients to the collector. You can also send invitations to recipients who were added to the collector but not sent an invitation yet.

  • You can only send 1 Invitation message per recipient (or per email address) per collector.
  • We automatically remove recipients you already sent an Invitation message to before sending the message.
Send Reminder

Schedule a Reminder message for recipients who haven't responded to your survey or who've only partially responded to your survey.

  • You can choose to remind not responded or to remind partial responses. To send to both not responded and partial, you'll need to create two separate Reminder messages.
  • We automatically add the recipients for Reminder messages based on response status.
  • You can click Edit Recipients in the top-right corner of the Send To field to remove particular recipients from the message. You can remove up to 1,000 recipients.
Send Thank You

Send Thank You messages to recipients who took your survey.

  • You can choose to thank all responded, or to thank just completed responses or partial responses.
  • We automatically add the recipients for Thank You messages based on response status.
  • You can click Edit Recipients in the top-right corner of the Send To field to remove particular recipients from the message. You can remove up to 1,000 recipients.
Resend Invitation

It's not possible to resend an Invitation message to particular recipients, but you can send them a Reminder message instead.

To resend an Invitation message as a Reminder message:

  1. From the Overview tab of the collector, click Send Reminder.
  2. In the top-right corner of the Send To field, click Edit Recipients.
  3. Remove any recipients you don't want to send the message to and click Save.
  4. Above the message, click the black down arrow next to the Edit button and click Copy previous message.
  5. Next to Display message type, click the drop-down menu and select Invitation.
  6. Use the left and right arrows to browse messages. Click a subject line to see the contents of the message.
  7. When you find the message you want to resend, hover over the message and click the Copy Message button on the right.
  8. Click Save then Next to continue to the next step and send the message.
TIP! You can schedule Reminder and Thank You messages with zero recipients since recipients are automatically added to messages based on their response status (not responded, partial, or complete) at the time the message is sent.
Send email invitations for your surveys and track who has responded. Follow the steps in this guide to compose your message, choose collector options, schedule a message, track responses, and send reminder and thank you messages.

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