Can I delete one or multiple email addresses from a list?

Within the Invitation collector or the Address Book, there are a few ways in which you can delete email addresses:

  • Delete contacts that have opted out or have not been sent a message.
  • Delete individual email(s) who have not responded.
  • Remove blocks of emails by domain. For example: You need to remove all "" addresses.


Deleting an Individual Email from a List:

  1. On the My Surveys page, click the Collect icon collect next to the survey title that houses the Email Invitation collector you need to edit.
  2. Click the title of the Email Invitation collector that stores your uploaded list. 
  3. Click the Recipients link in the left sidebar.
  4. Search for the email to remove, and click on that email address in the list (Note: The email address must be in the Not Responded status in order to be deleted).
  5. Click the Remove From List button in the prompt.

Deleting Multiple Emails from the Address Book:

To delete multiple emails at one time, this can be down within the Address Book and within the Email Invitation list.  

Click the Address Book tab and select the list from which you want to remove emails and then click the Remove button associated with that list. 

Choose to remove the following:

  • Remove All Contacts
  • Remove All Opted Out Contacts
  • Remove All Bounced Email Recipients
  • Remove Contacts by Matching Email - then type in the email addresses into the provided textbox
  • Remove All Contacts by Domain Name

NOTE: Even if you delete an email address from the Address Book, it will still be listed in any Email Invitation collector list.

  • If you created a list for a collector and pulled the addresses from the Address Book, then any association between the two is lost after that point.
  • Any future lists created from the Address Book after deleting the email will not contain that address. However, any previously created lists in an Email Invitation collector will still contain it.
  • You will need to click the Recipients link for that collector and manually remove the email address as well.


Deleting Opt Outs, New Emails, or Multiple Emails from an Email Invitation Collector List:

  1. Access the collector that houses the email list by selecting the Collect icon and then click on the named Email Invitation collector.
  2. Click Recipients located on the left side of the Collector Summary page.
  3. From here you will see all the emails in the Edit Recipients section.
  • Click on the Remove Emails from List link located on the right-hand side of this page.
  • You can "remove all unsent/new emails" or "all opted-out recipients."