Can I create a unique login and password for each survey participant?

SurveyMonkey offers a Password feature for collector links:

  • All respondents will need to be given the same password to take the survey.
  • You can add or remove the password under the collector's restrictions settings.

We are unable to provide a unique login or password for each respondent. However, at the end of this topic is a suggested work-around if you should need to create a unique "identifier" for each person.

  1. collect Click on the [Collect] icon for the survey and then click on the named collector. (*Click the [Add New Collector] button if creating a new one).
  2. Click on the [Change Restrictions] button.
  3. Place a tick mark in the Enable Password Protection option. From here enter the password you want to activate and modify the labels and message.
  4. Click the [Save Restrictions] button when finished. 


lightbulb Work-around for Unique Identifier:

If you need a unique "identifier" or a password for each respondent, you could create a Single Textbox type question on the first page of your survey. With this question, ask the respondent to type in his or her assigned password.

  • Perhaps you could have the introduction here and then include this as the only question on the page.
  • Instruct the respondent to enter his or her assigned number, password, name, etc. into that free text field. Make that question required to answer so the respondent would need to type in the assigned code. You can verify the code to the responses within the Analyze section.

Provide unique code individually: 

You will need to establish a way to distribute each person's password or code individually to him or her.

  • Example 1: Emailing the link through your own email client? You could send individual messages through your email client. In each message, include the survey link and then the unique code for the single recipient. If you have 10 recipients, send out 10 individual messages. 
  • Example 2: Sending the link through our mail server (Email Invitation collector)? You could upload a Custom Data field for each address in the distribution list. That custom data number would be their individual code. The system will populate that number into the [CustomData] field within each message. Instruct the respondent to type that received number into the first question on the survey design. To learn more, please click here.