Can I create a quiz or test and have it scored?

SurveyMonkey surveys can be used as a quiz or test taking tool. At this time, we do not have a question type that can be automatically scored or graded. But you can manually score all responses. We are working on many future enhancements to the site that will offer more versatility in the way the tool can be used. Enhanced quiz or test taking capabilities may be one of them.


Survey design considerations:

We offer two specific types of Multiple Choice (One answer only and Multiple answer) that are great for test taking. They can be formatted to fit just about any need and purpose, with required answer and comment box options. However, we do not offer a feature that would make scoring a simpler process inside the analysis tools. The data collected can be filtered, cross-tabulated, or exported.  

Correct vs incorrect answers:

There is not a way to show the correct vs. incorrect answers to the respondent as they progress through the test. To create this environment, think about the following functions:

  • Consider programming skip logic on the survey, and place the logic to allow respondents to progress to the next page only if the correct answer is selected. 
  • Decide if you want to place skip logic on the incorrect answer to jump respondents to the end page or to somewhere else in the survey

NOTE: We do not offer additional support in creating this type of test function. To learn more, visit our Advanced Logic Tutorial


Test scoring considerations:

Because we don't offer automated answer sheets, consider the following to grade your respondents' answers:

  • Export the data into the All Responses Collected format.
  • Choose the option to have the answers transformed into numbers. In the design, decide which choices are the correct answers. Then when you add up the numbers in the export, it can help tabulate the overall score for each respondent.