Branding Your Survey Design

As a paid subscriber, you can include elements into the design that reflect your company's brand and image. To mirror your corporate identity on a survey, consider the following:

  1. Add a logo to the header.
  2. Add images into the body of the design.
  3. Edit the theme to show your company's colors, etc.
  4. Redirect respondents to your company's webpage upon completion. (Note: Available to GOLD and PLATINUM users only.) 

Take a look through our video on how you can customize the theme and add a logo, or follow the written instructions below. (Note: This video is currently available in English only.)


Specific Theme Branding Options: 

  • Enter your colors by specific hex codes into the theme's color picker.
  • Highlight sections using elements like Bold, Underline, or Italics in the title, page titles & descriptions, etc.
  • Keep the design consistent by customizing additional features like the progress bar.


Step 1:

design Click the [Design] icon next to the survey title on the My Surveys page. This opens to the Edit Survey mode.


Step 2:

Towards the top of the design page, click on the [Create Custom Theme] button located next to the applied default theme drop-down menu.


Step 3:

Once the Theme Editor opens, click on the property you wish to edit:

  • Survey Font & Background
  • Survey Title
  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Question Heading
  • Question Choices/Rows
  • Progress Bar
  • Exit Link
  • Required Asterisk
  • Error Text

The Theme Preview section shows you examples of how the survey will appear as you make these changes.

star Want to learn more? View our tutorial: Survey Design


Themes Do Not Move Between Accounts:

When creating custom themes, they are saved only in your account.

If you copy a survey inside your account with a custom theme applied, you must add the saved theme onto the copied version. (They will be available in the Theme menu options for any new surveys created.)

NOTE: When moving a survey to a new account, that theme will need to be recreated inside the new account.