What are the Survey Completion options?

When distributing a survey to your audience, a specific action occurs when a respondent clicks the [Done] button. This is considered the Survey Completion action. Once [Done] is clicked, the response is automatically sent back into the Analyze section of your SurveyMonkey account. The respondent will then be directed to the survey completion option that you have configured.


arrow BASIC and SELECT Plans: 

The survey completion action takes the respondent to the SurveyMonkey landing page. This page thanks him or her for taking the survey and provides information about our site. BASIC or SELECT users cannot change this option.


arrow GOLD and PLATINUM Plans:

With these plans, you do have several options for ending the survey:

  1. Redirect respondents to a different URL.
  2. Have the survey window close upon completion.
  3. Loop the survey back to the start with a blank page opening for multiple responses.

By default, the survey completion option for all collectors is the SurveyMonkey landing page. To change this setting, you will edit the collector settings under the [Change Settings] button.

NOTE: If you have a grandfathered PRO or Unlimited plan, the custom redirect feature is still a part of your plan.


1. Redirect to a Specific URL

  1. Click on the Collect icon collect next to the survey on the My Surveys page.
  2. This opens the collector management page for the survey. You will see a list of all saved collectors. (Note: If one has not been created yet, you are prompted to create it and choose between the the collector options.)
  3. Click on the title of the saved collector you want to edit. This opens that specific collector's summary page.
  4. Once the summary page opens, click the [Change Settings] button. This opens the list of settings for the link.
  5. Scroll down to the Survey Completion section and choose the Redirect to your own webpage option. 
  6. Enter a URL to jump respondents to upon leaving the survey (e.g. http://www.mycompany.com).
  7. Click the [Save Settings] button when you are finished.

NOTE - Website Survey Collector: Within the [Change Settings] section, survey completion options are not available as you won't be able to redirect respondents to a different website upon completion of an embedded survey. However, Professional users will be able to include a customized thank you page to appear just before our designated home landing page. Choose the option of Display a Thank You Page to activate this feature when using that collector type.


2. Close Window

If you want the browser window to close when the [Done] button is clicked, you will follow those same steps in option 1 above. Except this time, choose the second choice of Close Window under the Completion settings. 


3. Loop to Start

You will need to create a Web Link collector in order to use the Loop to Start completion option.

  • You will also need to allow Multiple Responses on the link.
  • This option will loop the survey back to page 1 when [Done] is clicked. A blank survey will open immediately for a new response.

To learn more: What settings allow multiple responses from one computer