Can I create a Thank You page?

You can add a thank you page to the end of your survey to thank respondents for taking your survey. This is a collector-specific setting, so if you're using multiple collectors to distribute your survey, you can create a different thank you page for each one.

You must have a professional plan (SELECT, GOLD, or PLATINUM) or an Enterprise subscription to use this feature.

To add a thank you page:

  1. Click the Collect Responses tab.
  2. For each collector, click on the name and then Change Settings from the left gray column.
  3. Under Display a Thank You Page, pick Yes, display a thank you page after finishing the survey.
  4. Customize the message as appropriate, and click Save Settings in the upper right.

When you preview the survey from the design page, you won't see the Thank You page because it's collector-specific. Rest assured any respondents accessing the link will see the Thank You page as configured.

lightbulb Tip! The Change Settings page is also the place where many important survey options are housed. Allow multiple responses, let respondents edit or return to their submissions, show instant results, and much more. Also, GOLD and PLATINUM users are able to employ survey completion options accompanying the Thank You page like directing respondents to a different website upon completion.

Troubleshooting: Respondents Report the Survey Opens to the Thank You Page

In all probability, your link is working just fine. If respondents report back to you that when they click on the survey and it's opening to the Thank You page, the vast majority of the time we see this happen when the survey is configured to allow a single response and not allow respondents to re-enter the survey. You can change your settings to allow respondents to edit or return to the survey and allow multiple responses if this occurs.