How is my data reported?

The way your survey responses are displayed depends on the types of questions you ask in your survey. Each question is clearly labeled and includes how many people responded to or skipped the question, as well as their answer choices or exact comments.

Closed-Ended Questions
  • For Multiple Choice questions, we calculate the percentage of people who answered a certain way, and offer a wide variety of chart types you can customize to be presentation ready.
  • Matrix questions used for rating or ranking answer choices include a weighted average so you can easily see what answer was picked most often.
  • With any professional plan, you can view how responses change over time using Data Trends.

Our analysis tools don't offer advanced statistics, like standard deviations or chi-square tests. However, if you have a professional plan, you can export the data into a spreadsheet to do your own analysis.

Open-Ended Questions
  • Comment Box and Textbox questions list the exact text submitted by each respondent.
  • GOLD and PLATINUM plans have access to Text Analysis to help categorize recurring words or themes in responses.

With a paid plan, you can view all survey responses, as well as download survey responses in a variety of export formats. With a BASIC plan, you can view the first 100 responses for each of your surveys, but you can't export survey responses.

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