Custom Reports

Professional users may create and export specific data views to generate custom reports intended for different audiences. For example, you can choose to hide questions that contain private or sensitive information so that you may still share the rest of the results with others.

To create and export a Custom Report:

  1. Click the Analyze icon on the My Surveys page to access your data.
  2. In the CURRENT VIEW section of the left sidebar, create a SHOW rule to select the questions or pages from your survey that you would like to include in the custom report. You may also apply FILTER or COMPARE rules to the view.
  3. Once the desired view is applied, click +Save as... in the SAVED VIEWS section of the sidebar to save that view of your data.
  4. Click the down arrow to the right of the Saved View and select Export view to export that view of your data.
  5. Choose the preferred format and click Export.

Show Rules
Exporting Data with Rules Applied