Embedding a Survey Or Using Popup Invitations

You can create a Website collector to generate a snippet of code that you can add to your website code in order to integrate the survey with your website.

Creating a Website collector

Creating a Website collector will allow you to generate the code necessary to embed the survey into your website, create a popup invitation to take the survey, or add the survey itself as a popup on your website. To create a Website collector:
  1. Click the Collect icon collect on the My Surveys page that is associated with the survey (If saved collectors already exist, click +Add New Collector).
  2. Under "How Would You Like to Collect Responses?" choose Website
  3. Name the collector, and click Next Step
  4. Under "Website Survey Type" choose from the following methods: Embed, Invitation Popup, or Survey Popup (you can read more about each type below).
  5. On this same page, define the Display Options.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Copy and paste the generated code from the section into your web page. If you aren't familiar with editing html, ask a technical person at your company or your webmaster for help.
  • If you selected the Embed option, the survey will appear as a preview embedded on this page. You can then test the survey directly in this frame to get an idea of how your respondents' survey experience will be. Please note that this preview does record a response that will be visible in the Analyze section.
  • If you selected the Invitation Popup option, you can click the Preview button to preview the popup.

Watch our video to learn more about creating a Website collector (Note: This video is currently available only in English).


The embed option will generate code that will allow you to embed your survey into your website. Under Display Options for this website survey type, you'll be able to configure the following settings:
  • Define the width and height of the survey as you'd like it to appear on your site.
  • Show a border.
  • Choose to hide the survey once it is completed.
  • Choose to Support WordPress. This will generate an iframe code that you can use with WordPress.org (note that WordPress.com does not allow embedding).

NOTE:  Survey completion options are not available in the Change Settings section of the collector, as you won't be able to redirect respondents to a different website upon completion of an embedded survey due to nesting pages. However, paid users will be able to include a customized thank you page to appear just before our designated home landing page. Choose the option of Display a Thank You Page to activate this feature.

Survey Popup

This option will popup a window containing your survey itself when someone visits a specific page on your website. Under Display Options for this website survey type, you'll be able to configure the following settings:

  • Set the size of the popup window and the popup frequency.
  • Continue to pop up until respondent completes survey or not.

Invitation Popup

The Invitation Popup option will allow you to popup an invitation to take your survey when someone visits a specific page on your site (the page into which you insert the code we generate for you). Under Display Options for this website survey type, you'll be able to configure the following settings:
  • Message - Edit the invitation colors, size, and frequency of popup invitations.
  • Popup Buttons - Review and/or edit the text on the Now, Never, or Later buttons (these buttons allow visitors to your site to choose if they want to take the survey now, never, or later).

Invitation Button Functions and Popup Frequencies

These settings are cookie-dependent per web browser to prevent the window from appearing if a user has already answered or declined a survey. 

  • It is activated only when the webpage is opened.
  • There is not a way to have the pop-up open as a respondent leaves your page.

A. Later Button:

If the Later button is clicked and the frequency is set to open for every [1] visitor, the invitation prompt opens each time your page is accessed. You can edit the frequency at any time under the settings. The frequency is a global count.

What is a Global Count?

  • The global count means that there is only one frequency count being made, and it goes up by each time any visit is made to the page. It does not matter who makes the visit, after every [X] visits the pop-up appears (where X is the frequency).
  • The count is not done separately for each individual person accessing the page, but there is a single count that adds up all total visits.
  • If someone clicks [Later], then we set a cookie that prevents their browser from showing the pop-up for one hour. When testing this function, the invitation window will not open again until that "later" cookie has expired.

EXAMPLE: If a respondent clicks Later, then depending on the frequency for the pop-up, it can appear again on the same page or on another page. If you have that same link located on a different page of your site, then if the persons visit again at a later time, it will open again at either location.

B. Never Button:

If a respondent clicks Never on the invitation, the pop-up will not open again when that page is accessed on the same browser. 

lightbulb Tips! Popup Consideration:

Since many people set their browsers to block pop-ups, possible respondents may never see your survey. You may want to also add the actual Web Link collector to your webpage. You could then have a visible link on your site for a respondent to click if s/he voluntarily wants to take a survey. 

arrow Learn more about how to post a hyperlink vs. embedding a survey on your website: Hyperlinking vs. Embedding Surveys.

Why does the pop-up not work when I test it?

  • Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, click here to learn more.
  • Are you editing the provided code? If so, the pop-up cannot work if anything is changed in the basic code. (Ex: This includes writing the cookie required to prevent the pop-up from opening again when respondents click Never or Later.)