How do I add folders or move surveys into folders?

If you need to manage your surveys for better list organization, then you can create different folders on the My Surveys page. Many times, subscribers like to keep their open vs. closed surveys in separate folders. Or if the account is a shared one, each user may create his or her own folders.


NOTE: Folders cannot be password protected: 

At this time we do not offer a way to password protect different areas of the account. Each folder can be accessed by anyone sharing the username and password.


Creating Folders:

Step 1:

Click the [Manage Folders] button on the upper left hand side of the My Surveys page. (This is located next to the Current Folder drop-down menu that by default is set to show all surveys.)


Step 2:

Click the [Add New Folder] button. Type in the name of the new folder and click the [Add Folder] button.


Step 3:

This brings you back to the Manage Folders page. From here you will see all the surveys created in the account with a drop-down textbox next to each one.

  • Click on the blue drop-down menu to the left of the survey you want to move.
  • Choose the newly named folder in the drop-down menu. A saving status will show and the survey will be moved into that selected folder.
  • If you need to rename a folder, click here for additional instructions.